Bit of a fly problem in the bathroom
Man pushes 15 boiled eggs up backside and tears intestines | Metro News
A real slice of a man
Buddy drives into the 711 doors, tells everyone to leave, spreads gas every where and then lights it on fire.. Rumour has it he was dared to do it.
Meanwhile in Kenya...
Spanish football team unveils new kit design.
Gf's roommate came home at 2am last night drunk out of her mind with no keys. Instead of calling one of us to let her in, she smashed the front window. This is about 1 hour into clean up
Hand sculpted chocolates with marshmallow cream filling.
Meanwhile in Tampa Bay, Florida...
This water pipe figure with creepy baby doll head
Tried DoorDash? A Disgusting Afterthought, No One's Talking About.
Found this in my shredded taco today at taco bell